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Corona Virus Update

Posted: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 18:11 by Simon Sheppard

As your Parish Council, we feel we have a duty of care that requires us to take appropriate steps to ensure the welfare of all residents in times of crisis as we now find ourselves. Together with the rest of the UK we have been asked to self-isolate to protect ourselves, others and the NHS from effects of the Coronavirus.
Our concern is that we want to ensure everyone in the village is in communication with others and has help if they need it to maintain essential supplies of food and medicines during this period of self-isolation. We would suggest that at least one contact is made locally within the village and that you have available to you at least 3 persons non-resident in your own home, that you could contact by email or phone if need arises.
To minimise the risk to any of our residents it would help if you would all answer 4 simple questions;
1. are you in telephone/email contact with other Theddingworth residents 2. are you able to do your own shopping 3. do you have sufficient help from friends and family 4. would you like the Parish Council to contact you to discuss a range of help from groups within the village. This may include help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, help setting up computer links to friends and family, or just someone to share a conversation with
Please email Simon, your Parish Clerk at or telephone Simon on 01858 880948 by Thursday 2nd April 2020. This deadline will ensure we are able to make contact with those who may be suffering difficulties as a result of self-isolation.